Our new arrival…



YES! The countdown is almost over…

Two more sleeps, and we will officially become puppy owners. L-plated puppy owners, that is.

After much deliberation, the girls have decided on the name ‘Monty’ for our Coton de Tulear puppy, who will be just eight weeks old when he joins our family on Friday.

And never can a puppy have been so eagerly anticipated.

Numerous trips to Pets at Home and online pet stores have yielded a plethora of toys, blankets, lead and harness, toys, puppy treats, food bowls, and did I say toys, to help him settle in as quickly as possible.


The girls have even made cards and banners to welcome this little bundle of fur to our home.


Are we beyond excited? Yes, we are… and slightly nervous too, as let’s be honest, we are all as new to this as Monty himself.

This has been a long journey for us and I’m pretty sure we are as prepared as we can be for Monty’s arrival. Although a friend warns me we won’t know what’s hit us with a new puppy in the house.

If feels like a long time since my girls were in the baby/toddler phase. Am I about to start all over again, with a baby of the canine kind this time??

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