#Smitten #Monty

Serious amounts of cuteness overload in our house at the moment with the arrival of Monty, our eight-week-old Coton de Tulear puppy!

P1100145 (2)

The gorgeous little boy stole our hearts the moment we saw him at six weeks old, and after an agonising two-week wait we were finally able to introduce him to his new home yesterday.

The girls are smitten, Mr B is smitten and me? Well, you’ve only got to look at his little face to know that it’s going to be very difficult indeed to stay cross with him for long.

In the hope of ensuring his transition away from his mum and litter mates is as smooth as possible, we’ll be following the Puppy Socialisation Plan created jointly by the Dogs Trust and The Kennel Club.

One of our tasks for this week is to ensure he gets to meet the whole family as soon as possible so he learns to like and trust us all, so this afternoon we’ll be taking him to see grandma and granddad for a cuddle and a play.

Then tomorrow, he is booked in for a play date with a good friend and a check-up with the vet.

At this rate, his social life is going to be busier than ours!

P1100088 (2)P1100132 (2)P1100149

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