The two of us

And so after a busy weekend of getting to know us all, Monty has today had to get used to the fact that quite a lot of the time it’s going to be just me and him!

After Mr B headed off to work, and the girls went off to school, he must have wondered where on earth everybody had gone…

Where to start?

Well, after being an absolute star and completing the school run in the car without a peep, I could tell Monty was ready to burn off some energy.

So we took advantage of a lovely mild autumn morning for a run around in the back garden. Both of us, that is.


For me, some of the most special moments with our new puppy are watching him explore the world for the very first time.

Everything is exciting to Monty at the moment, whether it’s feeling the grass under his paws, flicking an autumn leaf around with his nose, smelling anything and everything he can find or playing a fun game of chase.

Already Monty’s is proving to be a quick learner. He knows his name and is generally willing to come when it’s called – especially if he thinks it might involve a little treat!



And after a few jobs around the house, a little treat is exactly what we both enjoyed, when we stopped off at our local dog-friendly Caffe Nero. (I was catching up on some emails, honest!)

While I enjoyed a much-needed latte, Monty showed that while he may be a bundle of energy most of the time, he’s always ready for a good snuggle.

P1100406 (2)

In fact it wasn’t long before he’d settled down on my knee, pushed his nose under his blanket – and dropped off.

Since then, we’ve had lunch (both of us), done a few more chores around the house, had another little play (well, not so little but hey, there’s no-one watching), before I sat down in front of the computer to write this post.

And guess where Monty is now. At my feet, quite literally, and fast asleep once again!


It’s a hard life being a puppy. Or perhaps he just knows that come 3.30pm, the house will be full of noise once again when Big Girl and Not Quite As Big Girl rush in from school, desperate to play with him once again.

And you can bet, there’s be no slumbering for anyone then!


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