Our top 5 activities for autumn days

P1020429 (2015_04_30 11_02_39 UTC)

It’s a couple of years since the National Trust launched its incredibly successful 50 Things to do before you’re 11¾, and my girls set themselves a ridiculous challenge.

During the long summer break, they attempted to tick off all 50 activities in just six weeks.

And they almost did it too, being defeated only by a couple of seasonal ones, such as finding frogspawn.

Eventually, they completed all 50 and they were delighted to receive their 50 Things medals from the National Trust (and I was even more delighted to receive the free visit to a National Trust property which their achievement entitled us to).

They were 8 and 9 at the time and although they were able to cross off some of the activities straight away, many others gave them something new to try that summer (and brought back some long-forgotten memories for me of a childhood spent very much in the great outdoors).

Even though Big Girl is actually now 11¾ (and Not Quite As Big Girl is proudly into double figures), they still both enjoy many of the activities on the 50 Things list.

So to celebrate a rather chilly but nevertheless dry October day, here are our top five 50 Things to get you and yours out and about this autumn.

  1. Climb a tree. Always a favourite with us, whatever the time of year.

P1020475 (2015_04_30 11_02_39 UTC) (2)

   2. Go on a barefoot walk. We are lucky enough to have Conkers adventure and discovery centre (www.visitconkers.com) within reasonable striking distance, which has a super barefoot walk mapped out and which my girls have braved at all times of the year and in all weathers!

P1000059 (2015_01_07 13_41_07 UTC)P1000044 (2) (2015_01_07 13_41_07 UTC)

  3. Find a geocache. This was a new one for us and was a lot more fun than we expected. Visit http://www.geocaching.com to find out more and get started.


4. Build a raft. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a raft big enough for you to sit on yourself… 

P1020793 (2015_05_18 12_52_47 UTC)

5. Skim a stone. Never as easy as it looks, in my opinion!

P1020656 (2) (2015_05_14 19_50_42 UTC)


There are heaps of other activities on the 50 Things list that lend themselves to autumn days, from playing conkers and eating an apple straight from a tree, to making a trail with sticks and going on a really long bike ride.

You can check out the whole list and do lots of other things, including downloading the 50 Things app, at http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/50-things-to-do


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