The ten best things about having a puppy…

One week on from bringing our new puppy home, and this weekend was something of a learning curve for us all.

Amongst other things, we learned.

  • You can’t expect a puppy to lie in on a Saturday morning, just because you don’t have to go to work/school
  • Puppies are at their most energetic at that very time when you are still wiping the sleep out of your eyes, struggling to get your brain into gear and reaching for your first cup of coffee. See above
  • Children, even pre-teens, are not at their best when they are woken on a Saturday morning by a puppy who is whining loudly because he wants to PLAY. See point one.

Despite a rather shaky start on Saturday morning (say no more), we have been enjoying some lovely moments with nine-week-old, Monty.


In response to some frantic googling after he started madly jumping up at us all first thing in a morning, we’ve taught him to sit with the help of some brilliant YouTube videos and a handful of treats.

And although it’s so hard to ignore the cutest puppy in the world, paying him no attention when he steps outside the boundaries of what we see as acceptable behaviour, really has reaped rewards.

He’s at his happiest when he’s messing around in the garden and will come on cue hen you call his name – unless he’s too busy snuffling around that is.

For Monty, this weekend has mostly been about exploring his new world – which he largely does with his nose…

He still turns his nose up at the idea of fetch (‘You go and get it, if you’re that bothered…) but his new favourite game is Hide and Seek, especially if he knows his favourite teddy is hidden under that blanket somewhere…

So on balance, after a big learning and bonding weekend for all of us, here are my top ten reasons why it’s great to have a new puppy:

  • They are always, ALWAYS pleased to see you. Even if you’ve only left them for two minutes to go to the bathroom
  • They encourage the whole family to spend more time outside. Monty has been very busy helping Not Quite As Big Girl rake up the autumn leaves this weekend
  • You are reminded just how lovely early autumn days actually are, when all is quiet and the rest of the world is still asleep
  • You look around you a lot more, partly to ensure your puppy isn’t eating something he shouldn’t be, and notice things you had become blind to. Like the changing colours of the plants in the garden and how beautiful a spider’s web looks when it is hung with droplets of dew.
  • After lots of playing outside, there is nothing a tired Monty likes more than to snuggle on your lap. And everyone needs a good snuggle. Especially Big Girl.


  • Expect the unexpected. Later on Saturday morning, I found Not Quite As Big Girl reading to Monty. (And apparently there is evidence that children will read more fluently to a pet because they feel less anxious to perform)
  • You’ll never be lonely again! Monty attracts attention wherever he goes, from the coffee shop to the local pub. And thankfully he laps it up like, well like a lap dog.
  • The whole house feels more relaxed. Yes, really. There’s a real sense of calm when all five of us are together in the living room. And thankfully it turns out Monty is a fan of #strictly
  • When everyone else leaves the house on a Monday morning to go to work/school, I’ve still got someone to talk to. Any he never answers back.
  • He’s soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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