Our ‘Best Bits’

To be honest, last week didn’t end well.

The car packed up on the way home from the supermarket on Saturday and we had to be rescued by the AA. Worse still, we already knew that we were living on borrowed time after a series of hefty bills for our trusty 12-year-old Citroen.

Monty, our new puppy, took a series of backward steps on the toilet training front (although he has thankfully redeemed himself again this week).

Trying to console ourselves, we discovered that one of our favourite coffee stops isn’t dog-friendly. And instead ended up spending a small fortune kitting Big Girl out for her forthcoming residential school trip because she has grown about a foot in the past 12 months.

So when the time came on Sunday to reflect over the ‘Best Bits’ of the past week, it could have been a challenge.

It’s something we have been doing as a family on a weekly basis since the beginning of the year.

The idea is that we each record the highlight of our week on a Post-it note, roll it up tightly and store it away in our ‘Best Bits’ jar.

The plan is that we’ll open it up again on New Year’s Eve, and be reminded of all the fab things that have happened in 2017!

It’s an idea I nicked from I know not where – but probably Facebook – and is basically a twist on ‘3 Good Things’, when you each have to think of three positive things to share over the dinner table about your day, however rubbish it might have been.

The theory is that people who train themselves to feel grateful about the good things in their lives – however small – tend to be happier, healthier and better able to deal with the stresses life throws at all of us.

Having two children who are naturally prone to anxiety (as am I), I like the idea that training ourselves to focus regularly on the positive things, even if only for a short period of time, can begin to change the way we view our whole lives.

I’m the first to admit how easy it is to dwell on whatever has gone wrong (from our broken down car to the fact it rained when I put the washing out today) rather than all those things, both big and little, that have gone right. (I wrote this blog post, I somehow found time to make a yummy apple crumble for tea and Monty didn’t wee on the carpet _ yay!).

Although we’ve periodically tried to do the ‘3 Good Things’ challenge (and I still think it’s a great thing to do), we always drift away from it after a while.

Whereas we haven’t yet missed a week of our ‘Best Bits’ challenge, and it has become something we all look forward to doing together on a Sunday evening.

We’ve even sneaked a peak at some of our previous Post-its, and enjoyed being reminded of some of the great things that have already happened in what has been a very eventful year!

I guess it basically fits in with the whole idea of my everyminuteblog – focussing as much as possible on what really matters, living life to the full, savouring the moment and remembering that every minute, memories are being made.

Although quite what I am going to do with more than 200 combined tightly rolled Post-it notes at the end of the year, apart from read them and remember, I don’t know.

Perhaps I’ll make them into a scrapbook? Watch this space…

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